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Flat Panel TV Mounting Services LCD, Plasma, LED

We can properly install your flat panel display TV giving you maximum viewing capacity. You might not know it, but small things like having your Flat Panel TV mounted at the right height might enhance your experience. Click here to view an article for more about this.


Did you just join the millions of Americans in getting that big screen HDTV only to find that it’s not much different from what you already had with your old TV set. Don’t be disappointed, it may just need some tweaks and calibrations. TV manufacturers download standard configurations to every TV they sell but guess what, that TV you just bought can be setup and calibrated to your unique home and space environment. Letting our professional technician enhance your viewing experience can save you time and money.

Custom Remote Control Programming.

Have you ever lost a device’s remote control? Are you looking to simplify your life? We’ll come to your home and program all your devices to be controlled with one universal remote control. We will configure or Upgrade your universal remote control enabling it to change channels, play DVD’s, close your motorized curtains and change settings on your Home Theater system without any additional remote controls.

Audio Services

Allow us to get the best sound out of your current system. Having a Home Theater surround sound speaker system will let you enjoy the ultimate viewing experience. A brilliant HD image accompanied with a poor sound quality is like driving a Ferrari on a road full of pot holes. You have the power but the road is holding you back. Lets free you up so you can feel the real HD experience.

  • Design and Installation of surround sound speaker system acoustically customized to your room’s environment.
  • Wireless and wired whole house audio distribution system.

Video Services

  • Video Distribution system.
Having a cable set top box a DVD player, CD player and other sources at the viewing location can be very messy and complicated for most people. With a whole house video distribution system you can have all these devices in one location while at the same time you can control and enjoy all of your sources in diffident locations throughout your home. You might even be able to minimize the amount of devices you have simplifying your home video solution.
  • Video remote installation (Video over IP)

How many times have you wanted to have a computer viewed and controlled at your home theater room or kitchen TV? We can setup a remote KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) solution, without the need to buy and extra PC for those locations. You could have a PC in your office and be able to utilize it at your home entertainment room on your big screen TV.

Custom Cinema Suites

Like taking the family to the movie theaters? How about bringing the Movie Theater experience home! That’s right, fire up the popcorn because you can watch any movie at any time. No hassle to get everyone to the theater before the showing time. You can have this with our Custom Cinema Suites! We’ll advise you on a system that meets your needs in every aspect. A system that fits your budget but more importantly a viewing experience  that will blow your mind. Besides all the great events you will find yourself hosting, like movies and/or sports in your home. Give us a call…