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Quality, Life and Technology

Quality, Life and Technology

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Probably because the technologyfirst entered the business arena and is for the area where there has been more development, technology users at homes, have not had the opportunity to learn and benefit from the impact of technology in everyday activities.
A few years ago when Bill Gates showed the world its automated home, chances that we perceived as a long-term dream that only the Microsoft mogul could afford the “luxury” of having.

The good news is that today you can enjoy the development of technology, using it as an ally to raise your quality of life. The speed, with which we have to perform daily activities, drives us to need the technology to be efficient (lowering costs in public services). But there are other reasons for enriching multiple use technology, such as:

  1. Strengthen the bonds of family integration by sharing electronic games, watch movies or listen to music together.
  2. Increase our educational role as parents to be able to develop values ​​in our children through dramas exchange ideas presented in the films, previously selected for this purpose.
  3. Increase negotiating competence in our children to plan and coordinate the type of films we will see during certain weekends.
  4. Their interests and inclinations of our children through their selection of films and to guide them if necessary.

Here are some resources that provide more comfort, economy and strengthen our family relationships:

  • Automated lighting, electricity-saving use in restricted areas during the day and to dramatize human presence in the residence during our travels.
  • Curtains automation to acclimatized light spaces, according to the movement of the sun and time of use.
  • Centralize automation of light, curtains, and doors to optimize your experience by utilizing a single home remote interface.
  • Home theater systems, to create an area for recreation, entertainment and family education.
  • Home office with built-in technology to optimize space and streamline processes.

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